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23 Star Road Industrial Estate
Partridge Green
West Sussex RH13 8RA
Tel: + 44 1403 710043

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Ultimation Machines was established in 1991 and since that time has designed and manufactured a range of ground breaking and reliable wire forming and welding machines. Used for the manufacture of a wide range of wire products from POP displays to automotive components.

Launched in 2002, the ultimat umw series of 2D wire forming and welding machines, feature a robust, modern, modular design, and user friendly windows based software. Comprising of six standard models for processing wire ranging from 2.00 mm to 16.00 mm., all ultimat models use a closed die forming and cutting system, which produces high-quality bends with square, burr-free cuts.

The versatile ultimat design negates the need for special tooling to produce high-quality parts and components.

Options include versions for use with flat strip or profiled wire, press and chamfering stations, secondary bend heads for intricate forms with a tilting table to accommodate large components or for forming spirals.

Ultimation Machines also take on projects to suit customers specific requirements. Recent design projects have included the design and manufacture of the ubw-24, a 3D jig welder for the fully automatic welding of basket style products used in the tree nursery industry. The ucw-40 crosswire welding machine for the automatic welding of crosswires into rectangular frames used by manufactures of air filter frames and refrigerator shelving and the btw-40 automatic truss forming, welding and stacking line used for the manufacture of wire supports used in wall construction panels.

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