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DCM Cable Testing Solutions from Beta LaserMike: for High-Performance LAN, Coaxial, Telecom, and Aerospace Cables

DCM cable testing solutions have earned a solid reputation for delivering the highest quality results, performance, and value to cable manufacturers, assembly houses, and testing organizations. Solutions include highly sophisticated switching and automation systems for a broad range of wire and cable applications.

The world's leading producers of LAN cable, Telecom cable, and Coaxial cable utilize DCM cable testing systems for quality testing of finished cables. DCM High-Performance RF Coaxial Cable Test systems are utilized by the world's leading Aerospace companies. And, we continue to be a leading innovator of cable testing solutions for the industry.

DCM cable testing solutions include:

  • SCS-350B - tests Cat 5/5e/6/6/6A UTP/STP cables to 600 MHz
  • ES-2G - tests Cat 7/7A ISTP cables to 2 GHz
  • 3S-XLD - tests Cat 5e/6/6A/7 UTP/STP/ISTP cables to 1 GHz
  • CATS-3000 - tests shielding effectiveness of shielded twisted-pair cables
  • TCL-3000 - tests Transverse Conversion Loss of Cat 6A cables
  • TI-3000 - tests Transfer Impedance
  • CMS-COAX - integrated, turn-key coaxial cable test solution
  • COAX-2000 - 50/75 ohm VNA interface for coaxial cable testing
  • COAX-3000 Software - completely automates VNAs for testing coaxial cables
  • 3S-PCX - tests 26-pair, 52-pair and 104-pair broadband telecom cables
  • LF-2000 - tests low-frequency parameters on twisted-pair cables
  • HPCC-idb - tests high-performance Aerospace RF/coaxial cables

Beta LaserMike is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio USA. The company has a global sales and service presence with offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

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