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Candor Sweden AB - A unique partner for surface treatment of wire!

CANDOR was founded in 1946 and is specialized in processes & equipment for the surface treatment- and metal finishing industry. The combination of our know-how in chemicals and processes and our advanced equipment for plating and cleaning of wire makes us unique on the market.

CANDOR supplies both single- and multi strand systems for ferrous and non-ferrous materials and all plants are tailor made after customer request. We are well known as a partner with major players on the wire market. Our top chemical know-how is beneficial for developments in new technical solutions.

CANDOR makes the following equipment for example:

Plating - for plating of brass, copper, chromium, nickel, silver, tin and zinc on ferrous and non- ferrous wire.

Cleaning - single and multi strand cleaning systems with bipolar electrolytic degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning or combination of both technologies. These plants can for example be used for cleaning wires in line with drawing at high speed or as cleaning before annealing furnaces.

Candojet HW - patented high speed hot water cleaning system for high wire speeds in line with drawing process. Environmental friendly process using only water.

Copperjet - high speed copper coating unit for CO2 welding wire using our own product the world famous Inhibitor E1

Pickling - single and multi strand acid pickling lines using hydrochloric- or sulfuric acid in line with hot dip galvanizing, phosphating and electroplating

CANDOR Sweden AB is listed under:
» Air Wipes 1401  » Cleaning / Washing / Degreasing Plant 1214  » Phosphating 1946  » Pickling 1692  » Plating Machines 1693  » Acid Pickling Equipment 1964  » Acid Tanks 1903  » Cleaning Chemicals 1911  » Coppering 1913  » Coppering Solutions 1914  » Galvanizing Baths & Plants 1659  » Ultrasonic Cleaning Plant 1732  » Degreasing 1025  » Treatment - Surface 1729  » Treatment - Metal Coating 1728  » Tinning 1961  » Wire Processing Equipment 1089  

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Candor Sweden AB - A unique partner for surface treatment of wire!
CANDOR Sweden AB - A unique partner for surface treatment of wire!
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