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Avenue Landas 4
B-1480 Saintes 
Tel: + 32 2 332 1717

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The FIB core business is the supply of heat treatment lines for the steel wire industry, where the company is a world-wide leading supplier that frequently receives the 'number one' label (founded in 1936). The range of products in this field includes continuous or batch heat treatment installations, galvanizing lines with wiping systems and oil tempering lines. Wires processed on its installations will become tire cord, spring, lift and crane cables, dry clean hangers, nails, piano wire, to mention just a few end products.

The company has a policy of continually developing new and innovative technologies. A recent development that became winning equipment for the steel wire producers is the dynamic wiping. It allows fine and accurate control of the quantity of zinc on the wire. Nowadays, continuous galvanizing lines have to run at higher and higher speeds and the control of the zinc coating was becoming a critical challenge parameter to master. FIB holds the solution. Demand is rising and the reference list in this field is continually growing month by month.

FIB Belgium SA is listed under:
» Furnaces, Patenting 1928  » Furnaces, Pit Type 1929  » Galvanizing Baths & Plants 1659  » Phosphating 1946  » Pickling 1692  » Furnaces - Annealing 1649  » Furnaces, Bright Annealing 1923  » Furnaces, Bell Type 1922  

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