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FMS Force Measuring Systems was founded in 1993, following a buyout from the FAG Kugelfisher company. Since that time, a dedicated team has been writing its own company history in the Web Tension and Web Guiding industry through market-leading developments. Today, FMS is the company of choice for manufacturers and users of wire and cable processing equipment around the globe. Success has been achieved in a wide cross-section of industries, processes, and materials.

Now more than ever before, it is the overall manufacturing quality of the product that determines its success. In continuous production processes, the quality of the finished product is directly dependent on the accurate measurement and control of the material tension. FMS Tension Measurement and Control products are designed specifically to enhance in-process production control, thereby improving finished product quality, reducing waste, increasing processing speeds, and minimizing machine downtime. The repeatability and accuracy of FMS's direct tension control products allows them to be utilized in payoff, take-up, and intermediate drive control in many types of applications such as drawing, stranding, bunching, extruding, and winding.

FMS offers a large variety of tension sensors (load cells) that are specifically designed for the wire and cable industry to measure anything from thin wire/fibers to massive ropes and from just a few grams to thousands of pounds/Newton. Electronic unit options are also offered from simple measurement and display tension amplifiers to closed loop PID tension controllers.

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