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Venoge Parc
CH-1305 Penthalaz  
Tel: + 41 21 862 13 16

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E-XHEAD® has been found in 1999 by Engineers with a very long experience in the field of extrusion, process for the Cables and Plastics Industry. In many different sectors such as Power Cables, Data Cables, Tube & Pipe etc... E-XHEAD® to propose solution of Crossheads for almost any type of Cables or Tube specifications. Either with standard or customised Heads, from single to multilayer co-extrusion of different Polymers.

E-XHEAD® Engineering Department use for our Crossheads, Screw and Barrel design. Latest generation of computer 3D CAD system, as well as dedicated Software to calculate best flow path to process any type of Polymers. E-XHEAD high precision Crossheads, allow production solutions on this highly competitive market, where every material cost saving counts.

We insure our customers to increase Extrusion Line profitability. By reduction of production down time, scraps as well as high extrusion concentricity, to reduce Polymers consumptions and improve final product quality, with the highest reliability.

E-XHEAD products becomes integral parts at the hearth of your extrusion process. E-XHEAD® products are engineered and manufactured in Switzerland.

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» Tungsten Carbide Tools & Tips 2123  » Cross-heads, Tips and Dies 2504  » Insulating 1456  » Nozzles, Extruding 1463  » Screws and Barrels for Extruders 1487  » Cable Sheathing 1429  » Extruding, Plastic 1442  » Extruding, Rubber 1443  » Extrusion Technology 1488  » Software 1090  » Dies - Diamond 1626  » Dies - Tungsten Carbide 1804  » Wire Guides 1735  » Measuring Machines 1807  » Temperature Controllers 1959  » Barrels, Screws & Liners for Extruders 1405  » Cable Making (Fibre Optic) 1423  » Cable Making (Power) 1424  » Cable Making (Telecommunication) 1425