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10 Cowley Road
Nuffield Industrial Estate
Poole, Dorset BH17 0UJ
Tel: + 44 1202 681 501

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Holton Crest has developed a completely new generation of Continuous Rotary Extrusion equipment that is easily the most modern and advanced Rotary Extruder design on the world market today.

Holton Crest rotary extrusion lines are used to produce a variety of application ready copper and aluminium conductors where high precision, stable measurements, very high straightness levels, optimum surface quality and surface cleanliness are paramount. Typical output would be complex copper profiles for busbar trunking systems and commutator bars, copper conductors for magnetic windings, heavy gauge wire for fire-proof cables or rectangular transformer wire.

In the process, feedstock material on an encased rotating extrusion wheel reaches an abutment where it becomes extrudable through a die via an extrusion shoe. Holton Crest is the only company able to legitimately offer the innovative patented �Dynamic Shoe Positioning System� for process optimisation.

Other viable applications are cladding of high tension steel wire with aluminium or zinc and several sheathing applications.

Holton Crest was created in 2006 around the elite core team of Holton engineers to continue as the only authorised designer and manufacturer of Holton Continuous Rotary Extrusion Technology. Today�s healthy order book includes the largest ever machine order for Rotary Extrusion technology.

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