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Rue de la Révision, 93
B-4032 Chênée 
Tel: + 32 4 367 8787

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As an international partner for 30 years, the Gauder Group has been delivering new and resale equipment to the wire, cable and fiber optic industries as well as providing a comprehensive range of services (training, spare parts, bow design) and machines innovations.

SETIC and POURTIER of the Gauder Group, leaders in Rotating Machines, develop and market New Technically Advanced Equipment in manufacturing systems for Metallic Cables (energy, low, medium and high voltage power cable - telecommunication and multimedia - special purpose cables) and Fiber Optic Cables.

SETIC, owner of the �PATENTED Triple Twist� technology, designs innovative equipment solutions as well as new and improved cable manufacturing processes while POURTIER offers excellent and reputed experience in heavy-duty Stranding Machines for Power and Larger Cables production.

GAUDER & Co, specialist in Second-hand Equipment for the Wire, Cable and Fiber Optic Cable industries, maintains and develops availability of a large, modern stock in Europe and USA.

Gauder Group is listed under:
» Drawing - Dry 1028  » Rebuilt & Reconditioned Machinery 1048  » Second Hand Machinery 1061  » Straightening & Cutting 1067  » Accumulators, Wire 1400  » Cable Making (Fibre Optic) 1423  » Cable Making (Power) 1424  » Cable Making (Telecommunication) 1425  » Cable Rewind & Test Equipment 1428  » Cable Sheathing 1429  » Double Twist Stranding Machines 1436  » Extruding, Plastic 1442  » Fibre Optic Machinery 1447  » Insulating 1456  » Lead Sheathing Machinery 1460  » Rebuilt & Reconditioned Machinery 1048  » Stranding, Planetary 1473  » Stranding, Rigid Type 1474  » Stranding, Tubular 1475  » Twinning 1483  

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