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Z.I de la Blanche Maison
Avenue des Nations Unies, BP 109
F-59270 Bailleul 
Tel: + 33 328 437458

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Geca-Tapes, B.V. is a leading manufacturer of non-woven tapes, woven tapes, yarns, flat binders and filtration products for the cable industry. The company employs 120 people in 4 countries and has a long history of service to the worldwide cable industry. Geca's products include non-conductive and semi-conductive water blocking tapes, water blocking yarns, water blocking flat binders, cable binding tapes, bedding tapes, separating tapes, marine grade water blocking tapes, flame retardant tapes, non-woven filtration products for wire drawing, traverse wound tape payoff equipment and similar products. Tapes can be supplied in either flat pad or traverse wound packages. Geca Tapes manufactures a broad range of standard products and can also supply custom made tapes to specific technical requirements if supported by reasonable volumes.

Geca Tapes also provides excellent technical support to its customers. Cable makers seeking help selecting the most cost-effective and technically compliant materials for a specific cable application are strongly encouraged to send a detailed cable drawing, raw material specifications and water penetration test requirements to Geca Tapes (send to The technical support team at Geca Tapes will analyze the requirements and reply with detailed guidance on choice of materials and application methods.

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