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Shanghai 201108  
China (PR)
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Shunhong Diamond Die Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of high-quality wire-drawing dies. In order to ensure the proper shape of natural diamonds and maximize the durability of our drawing dies, all natural diamonds are strictly selected, grinded and polished by ourselves. The production of our wire-drawing dies is based on special technical processes, which result in slighter attrition of our high-quality wire-drawing dies. Also as outcome of these special technical processes, our tungsten carbide enameling dies are characterized to have surpassing leak-tightness. Furthermore, our extrusion tips and extrusion dies are famed for their extremely high concentricity and precision. Our rigorous processing and quality criteria are making Shunhong an efficient solution for your wire production, helping meet the increasing demand for wire-drawing dies from many industries worldwide.

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» Dies - Bar Drawing 2108  » Dies - Bunching 2110  » Dies - Diamond 1626  » Dies - Enamelling 2111  » Dies - Extrusion 1627  » Dies - Polycrystalline 2114  » Dies - Rectangular & Square 2116  » Dies - Shaped 1634  » Dies - Stranding 2117  » Dies - Tungsten Carbide 1804  » Drawing Dies 2121