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With steel wire, bonel spring units, S spring, pocket spring units and foam production at 45,000m2 facilities in Turkey, which is the meeting point of Asia and Europe, Boycelik offers its customers not just durability and quality but also infrastructures that will complete comfort and sleep quality. Boycelik which performs all the processes from the first stage of production to the last with accuracy takes its strength from the satisfaction of the customers that Boycelik provides service and products to.

Steel wire for Matress Industry
Boycelik steel wires with range from 1.30 to 5.00mm provide maximum performance that enhances efficiency of production in every kind of spring machine. Boycelik products that go under quality control tests in every stage of production are delivered to the customers ready to process.

Bonel Spring and Spring Units
In Boycelik facilities equipped with latest technology, bonel springs that can be produced between 70 and 160mm heights for bed and sitting groups are strengthened against deformation with heat treatment. Springs that can be produced with wire 1.90mm to 2.45mm at spring diameter 76mm to 96mm and spin counts of 4-5-6 are offered according to spring height to the customer as singular spring or spring units.

Pocket Spring Unit
Pocket spring system that offers a superior infrastructure solution for a quieter and more comfortable sleep is produced as barrel and cylindrical, and wire gauges can be adjusted up to 9 zones. Pocket springs that can be produces in heights that range from 7cm to 18cm using wires with 1.30mm to 2.00mm diameters became spring units with two different methods which are applying adhesive from the middle and from top and bottom with interlining. By combining pocket springs whose diameters range from 40mm to 70mm in assembling machine, spring units with 800 to 1800 springs can be produced.

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