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Shanghai Shengzao Mechanical &Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer and supply different types of cold pressure welding machine(hand clamp-type,desktop-type, hydraulic pressure-type) and welding dies for non-ferrous welding of a wide range of applications in wire industry.(copper wire:Ñ„0.060mm-Ñ„15mm Aluminium: Ñ„0.06mm- 25mm)

Our products are sold in India,Japan,South East Asia,Korea and well appreciated by their purchases.Our Company is managing its production and inspection under guideline of IS09001 Quality Management Control System and Q/YQJT-2008

Cold welders are mainly used to weld non-ferrous metals through pressure instead of electricity,steam or heat without the application of filling materials and welding machine,,wire joint machine or cold press welding machine,etc,can be classified into hand type,desktop and hydraulic type cold joint machine.Without any welding fluxes and power supply,a cold joint machine is a kind of cold welding equipment which enables the pure metal lattices inside metal wire materials to combine with each other under certain pressure through special molds according to the principle of molecule and atomic structure connection for the welding of a variety of non-ferrous metal materials.

The wire materials adopted for welding shall be matched with molds.Small-sized molds can not be applied to the welding of big-sized wire materials,or it will cause breaking at the edge of mold cutters.Aluminum,copper,nickel,gold,silver,platinum and other metal can all be welded.Assessments shall be undertaken in advance to determine whether a wire material in other cross-sections(such as flat wire) can be applied.Wire materials after cold joint operation remain with the same propertied as thematerials before processing.As tools suitable for single or strand wire welding,the welding machines are widely used in hanware production metal drawing,wire and cable production

Easy to process,without any special skills,more reliable,economical and affordable.Your best Choice of welding

We are ready to supply you the most reliable quality and service of cold pressure welders and precision dies.

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