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Ger SA

Rue Gomelevay, 52A
B-4870 Nessonvaux 
Tel: + 32 87 260 200

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Further information:
Ger SA is a Belgian company established in 1980. We are specialized in the sale of new & second-hand machinery for Wire & Cable industry, ferrous and non-ferrous.

We sell single machines and complete plants for steel rod and wire, steel ropes, electric insulated cables etc.

We have a large stock of machinery immediately available - in case you do not find the equipment you need.

We are exporting world-wide

Our machines can be sold in 'as-is' condition or reconditioned and modernised, according to the customer's requirement.

Our sales department is also ready to send you an estimate for complete, ready-to-use production units.

We test-run our machines before shipment and we can also offer installation and commissioning of our machines at the customer's plant and at the same time offer training for the operators.

Do not hesitate to offer us your surplus machines.

Ger SA is listed under:
» Bull Blocks 1003  » Caterpillar Haul-Offs 1005  » Coilers 1013  » Insulating 1456  » Welding - Mesh 1294  » Drawing - Dry 1028  » Drawing - Intermediate 1030  » Drawing - Straight Line 1031  » Rebuilt & Reconditioned Machinery 1048  » Rod Breakers, Breakdown 1049  » Second Hand Machinery 1061  » Straightening & Cutting 1067  » Welding, Butt 1083  » Extruding, Plastic 1442  » Bunching 1412  » Double Twist Stranding Machines 1436  » Drum Twisters 1437  » Stranding, Planetary 1473  » Stranding, Rigid Type 1474  » Stranding, Tubular 1475  

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