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Am Marschallfeld 17
D-83626 Valley Germany 
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data M Sheet Metal Solutions has been developing and distributing the world's leading software solutions for roll forming COPRA® RF, COPRA® FEA RF. In addition to software solutions data M offers wide-ranging consulting, R&D and engineering services. These include design activities, analysis of reforming processes or customized research and development in the field of roll forming.

The data M customer base includes small or medium roll forming companies, producers, machine and tool makers, automotive OEMs and tier 1/2 suppliers. Worldwide several thousand companies serving industry fields such as aviation, automotive, construction & building and oil & gas apply data M products. With rising demand of the international market data M relies on a worldwide network of trusted partners and runs offices in the USA, India, Poland, Sweden and Great Britain.

Product Portfolio:

  • COPRA® RF allows the designer to design simple as well as highly complex open or closed profiles, tubes, trapezoidal sections or drawing rings in a professional way.
  • COPRA®RF WireRolling & COPRA® FEA RF WireRolling software supports the entire process chain of massive wire rolling - from the development of the individual wire forming stages to simulation of the metal forming process.
  • COPRA® FEA RF is used to simulate the roll forming operation by non-linear elastoplastic calculation.
  • COPRA® RollScanner is an automatic roll inspection machine for quality control, reworking and reverse engineering.
  • COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop measures profile sections or short samples contactless by means of a sensor and a turntable, thus the whole visible cross section is pictured.

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