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Frederic Sheidlaan
B-2620 Hemiksem 
Tel: + 32 3 8700 611

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Lamifil is a leading provider of wires for energy transport and specific mechanical applications. Since 1929 we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality products for a wide range of global markets:
  • aluminium conductors used as core for power cables overhead conductors for transmission and distribution of electricity
  • aluminium alloy wires for mechanical applications such as fencing, fastener solutions, heat exchangers...
  • aluminium wire rod used for steel deoxidation
  • aluminium alloy wires for optical ground and phase wire
  • copper alloy wires for automotive, electronics and aviation cables
  • copper and copper alloy wires and conductors for railway electrification

Because of our innovative technology and extensive know-how we have been able to develop strong and long standing partnerships with many of our customers.

Lamifil's central location between Brussels, the capital of the European Union, and Antwerp, one of the largest ports in the world, allows us to easily ship products to customers all over Europe and around the globe.

Lamifil nv is listed under:
» Aluminium Alloy Wire 0200  » Power Cables - Overhead 0645  » Copper Alloy Wire 0227  » Aluminium Rods 0204  » Bronze Wire 0216  » Cadmium Copper Wire 0218  » Chrome Copper Wire 0221  » Aluminium Wire 0206  » Phosphor Bronze Wire 0272  » Manganese Bronze Wire 0256  » Copper Nickel Wire 0229  » Enamelled Wire 0239  » Zinc Aluminium Wire 0300  » Aeronautical Wire & Cable 0601  » Automobile Cables 0606  » Automotive Harnesses 0607  » Copper Wire - Nickel Clad 0233  » Electrical Conductors - Bare 0238  » HC Copper Wire 0622  » Rivet Wire - Non Ferrous 0278