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Palmer Drive
Nottingham NG9 7BW
Tel: + 44 115 939 0200

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Autoreel Ltd are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of cable handling machinery for reeling, measuring and cutting cable, wire rope, hose and other flexible products. Take-ups and pay-offs are supplied for use as rewind systems or for 'on-line' applications in a production environment. The machines produced range from a simple hand winder unit to large pintle loading, gantry machines with up to 20,000kg capacity. Machines can be fitted with a wide range of optional extras including measuring meters, cable cutters, coiling attachments, automatic layering etc.

The easy to follow website gives clients an insight into the comprehensive range of take-ups and pay-offs. They are able to satisfy most requirements from standard ranges. Autoreel have an enviable reputation for supplying bespoke equipment.

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» Coilers 1013  » Pay Off Stands 1044  » Re-Spooling 1047  » Take Up Frames 1078  » Take Up Drum Stands 1079  » Take Ups 1080  » Swifts 1076  » Swifts, Motorised 1077  » Winding 1298