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Inzynierska 8L
PL-20-484 Lublin 
Tel: + 48 81 444 1125

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NOTA Zaklad Mechaniki Precyzyjnej, Poland, is a producer of high quality drawing dies made from either natural diamond, PCD or synthetic diamond (Monodie 111).

In November 1998 NOTA opened a second factory, where a very modern laser drilling machine type YAG with full PC control has been installed, which enables very precise processing of elements made from super hard materials. A modern system of steering, together with the unique system of setting up the shaped material achieves a full geometry of the wire drawing die with a high precision of up to 0.01 degrees. This new laser diamond drilling system allows NOTA to meet all customers' requirements.

Many years of research, experiments and trails made it possible to come to such a degree of technical and technological precision, that now we are able to satisfy every customer's order. You too may become our client and rely upon our quality and experience.

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» Dies - Diamond 1626  » Dies - Polycrystalline 2114  » Die Drilling 1620  » Die Making Servicing 1621  » Dies - Extrusion 1627  » Diamond Powder 2103  » Die Polishing 2106  » Dies - Extrusion 1627  » Dies - Tungsten Carbide 1804  » Drawing Dies 2121  

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