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Via Marzabotto 6
I-20059 Vimercate (MI) 
Tel: + 39 039 6251111

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O.M.A. S.r.l. is specialized in the manufacturing of braiding and winding equipment for the reinforcing of rubber, thermoplastic, PTFE, metal bellow hoses and electric cables, as well as for a great variety of textile products, from small ropes to many kinds of round, tubular or flat braids and medical products. O.M.A. also supplies turnkey plants for the manufacturing of rubber and plastic hose. The product range mainly includes vertical and horizontal axis braiding machines with single or multiple decks; automatic and semi-automatic winding machines; coiling machines and pay-off creels for braiding lines, extruders and drawing machines; taping machines for rubber, polyethylene, copper and aluminium tapes; wrapping/unwrapping machines for rubber hoses and cables; spiralling machines for textile and metallic yarns; complete lines for the production of rigid mandrel hoses; ancillary machines for the production of rubber and thermoplastic hoses and cables.

Starting off in Italy in 1957, O.M.A S.r.l. has two Branches and a Representative Office, which help the Italian Headquarters in assisting customers worldwide: OMA USA, INC.; OMA (UK) LTD. and the recently opened OMA S.r.l. Shanghai Representative Office. The vast network of agents and distributors in more than 50 countries provide the following services: telephone and on site assistance; spare parts quick delivery; technical consultation.

OMA Srl is listed under:
» Pay Off Stands 1044  » Re-Spooling 1047  » Take Ups 1080  » Bobbin Winding 1406  » Bobbins, Braiding 1408  » Braiding 1410  » Braiding Machine Carriers 1411  » Double Twist Stranding Machines 1436  » Taping, Cable 1478  

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