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Kuparitie 10
PO Box 60
SF-28101 Pori 
Tel: + 358 20 7577 400

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The Upward Continuous Casting method, better known as the UPCAST system, was originally developed within Outokumpu Group in the late 60s. Today UPCAST legacy is proudly carried on under the banner of UPCAST OY with interesting new features.

UPCAST offers the most advanced Upward Continuous Casting technology available for non-ferrous applications. A full range of single- and double-furnace configurations for production capacities up to 40,000tpa are available with easy variation of product mix and unique upgradability.

In 2008 we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the first successful UPCAST system casting tests.

Upcast OY is listed under:
» Continuous Casting of Wire/Rod 1016  » Furnaces - Induction 1655  » Rod - Copper & Copper Alloy 3524  » Copper Rod 0230  » Brass Rod 0214  » Copper Alloy Wire 0227  » Copper Wire 0231  » Phosphor Bronze Wire 0272  » Rods - Non Ferrous 0281  

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