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Via de Capitanei 55/57
I-20041 Agrate Brianza (MI) 
Tel: + 39 039 689 8763

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PS COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE is a worldwide well-known company manufacturing cable packaging machines, rewinding lines, pay off stands and take-ups since 1960.

PS machines have been sold all around the world. Many of PS Customers have purchased more than one line, which means they are satisfied with PS machines' performance and would keep ontheir business relations with PS.

PS offer, in fact, a wide range of highly versatile products capable of meeting all Customers' requests, thanks to PS in-house design and production departments, spares Office and CustomersCare.

Meticulous analysis of the final cable packaging process, brought moreover to the realisation of the present automatic packaging lines (either on coils or on spools for both solid and flexible, round and flat, telephonic and power cables).

PS lines can also work slave to the extruder and as independent units. Their modular structure allows you to "build up" your packaging line, according to the Customer's requirements.


  • Semi-Automatic Coiling / spooling lines
  • Fully Automatic Coiling / Spooling lines
  • Rewinding lines
  • Portal take ups/ pay off stands / take ups/ Horizontal and vertical accumulators.

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PS Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl is listed under:
» Packaging, Automatic 1263  » Cable Coiling Machines 1414  » Cable Rewind & Test Equipment 1428  » Packaging - Wire 2210  » Take Ups 1080  » Accumulators, Wire 1400  » Coil Wrapping 1012  » Pay Off Stands 1044  » Re-Spooling 1047  » Packaging, Automatic 1263  

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