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QED Wire Lines Inc

5261 Route Harwood
Quebec, J7V 0K2 
Tel: + 1 450 458 1200

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QED specializes in equipment for heat-treating, cleaning and coating of steel wire. Custom designed and built, our high speed lines are for galvanizing, Galfan, patenting, annealing, tire cord & bead and oil tempering processes. Combining innovative design concepts with 30 years practical experience, we have developed a range of products and equipment that is both technologically advanced and ruggedly dependable.

Our FastHeat Fluidbed offers increasing furnace efficiency with newly developed Production Proportional Algorithm on our PLC controlled furnaces. The algorithm provides tighter control of fluidization rates in proportion to changing production loads.

We provide high speed cleaning and descaling solutions with our HighTurbulence Pickling System. Constructed of quality composite materials, this fumeless system provides an environmentally friendly replacement for older baths.

The company also supplies the latest development in Galvanising and Galfan technology: our Automatic Coating Weight Control System. The system accurately controls nitrogen flow to the latest generation wiping nozzles, resulting in significant zinc savings and a quick pay-back period.

QED Wire Lines Inc is listed under:
» Acid Neutralising Plant 1900  » Air Wipes 1401  » Austempering 1908  » Cleaning / Washing / Degreasing Plant 1214  » Furnaces - Annealing 1649  » Furnaces, Patenting 1928  » Galvanizing Baths & Plants 1659  » Hardening & Tempering 1666  » Lead Baths & Pots 1937  » Ovens, Drying 1943  » Patenting Frames 1945  » Phosphating 1946  » Pickling 1692  » Temperature Controllers 1959  » Treatment - Metal Coating 1728  » Wipes 1963  

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