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BP 79
F-45210 Ferrieres 
Tel: + 33 238 944200

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REDEX is a world leading manufacturer of high precision and high productivity Cold Rolling Mills for the production of rectangular magnet wire, and construction and automotive flat and shaped wires (stainless steel, brass, steel and copper).

The work of REDEX's Rolling Mills consists in continuous transformation (cold rolling and edging) of copper rod coming from continuous casting, into flat wire whose dimensional characteristics must be guaranteed within a tolerance of some microns.

Production speeds on these machines commonly reach 10 m / s, and such an accuracy can't be achieved without a highly specific optimization of the mechanical structure of the rolling mills and from the dynamic control systems for the shaping and cold calibration.

REDEX's Rolling Mills includes 3 or 5 two-high stand rolling mills with intermediary motorised edgers, and includes synchronised pay-off and traversing take-up spooler. In addition, it benefits from automatisation based on the most innovative technologies (industrial PCs, PLCs, fieldbus, etc.), and from the real-time monitoring specifically developed by REDEX to optimize performances (MOSIP firmware).

The full control of these technologies allows REDEX to ensure to its customers the best return on investment (ROI) of the market.

Redex is listed under:
» Pay Off Stands 1044  » Rolling Mills 1055  » Strip Rolling 1072  » Take Ups 1080  » Brakes 2204  » Couplings 1019  » Tension Control 2219  » Tension Meters 1825  » Tension Monitoring 2220  

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