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Stolberger KMB-Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Hasencleverstr. 39
D-52222 Stolberg 
Tel: + 49 2402 86558 0

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Stolberger develops and builds production lines and equipment for the wire rope and electric cable industry. The wide range of products extends tubular strander, rigid strander, bow strander, drum twister lines for any application, screening and armouring, Pay-offs and Take-ups, Caterpillar Haul-offs, Preforming heads and also factory planning.

In co-operation with the customers the highly skilled and experienced technicians and engineers of Stolberger meticulously develop reliable and economical solutions for the future and which are incorporated in our machines.

Intensive consultancy and detailed engineering is a grant for the satisfaction of our customers. Stolberger has a prescence in more than 20 countries.

Stolberger KMB-Maschinenfabrik GmbH is listed under:
» Cable Making (Power) 1424  » Rope Making 1056  » Capstan Take Ups 1004  » Caterpillar Haul-Offs 1005  » Pay Off Stands 1044  » Take Ups 1080  » Armouring 1403  » Cable Making (Fibre Optic) 1423  » Cable Making (Telecommunication) 1425  » Cable Rewind & Test Equipment 1428  » Compacting Rolls 1014  » Drum Twisters 1437  » Insulating 1456  » Laying-Up 1459  » Paper Taping 1464  » Stranding, Planetary 1473  » Stranding, Rigid Type 1474  » Stranding, Tubular 1475  » Take Up Drum Stands 1079  » Taping, Cable 1478  

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Tangential Steel Taping Head with four tape pads gives a competitive edge in the manufacture of submarine cables