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Mission Statement: "Do what you say you will do..."
Wire Lab Company (WILCO) has as its purpose the development and marketing of state-of-the-art Mechanical Descaling systems for use in the steel wire industry. Our objective is to supply the highest quality products, at a fair price, backed up by responsive and complete customer service.

Current Product Line - Overview:

Mechanical Descaling Systems:
Five (5) standard models of WILCO Mechanical Descaling Systems are available. This line may be separated in two classes:
1. Non-aggressive Systems: Consist of standard scale breaker and any one of three (3) cleaning units. Primarily for the production of IQ wires where emphasis is on producing wire with the least processing cost. Making higher quality wires will require closer control over wire rod condition.
2. Aggressive Systems: Incorporate our Automatic Rod Brushing unit for producing higher quality wires or where there is greater variations in wire rod qualities mainly with regard to red rust. Two (2) standard systems available. This comprehensive machinery line allows selection of the WILCO descaler which best suits the wire drawing requirement based on the type of wire rod being processed, rod condition and wire product being produced.

Wire Drawing Aids:
Lubricant Applicators and Pressure Die Holders. Both of these field proven products are beneficial in the drawing of ferrous and non-ferrous wires. The main benefit of their use is increased levels of lubrication during the wire drawing process. This results in increased die life, better wire quality, and increased productivity.

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