AFA Industries (Weber & Scher)

1231 U.S. Highway 22 East
NJ 08833 
Tel: + 1 908 236 8484

Further information:
AFA Industries, which was recently acquired by Weber & Scher Mfg. Co Inc specializes, in providing equipment and technology specifically to the wire and cable industry on a worldwide basis.

The company specializes in the manufacture and supply of cable jelly filling and flooding systems as well as smooth and corrugated metal tape shielding/armouring systems as utilized for the production of optical fiber cables, copper telephone cables, power cables, control cables, etc

The company's area of expertise additionally includes the manufacture and supply of logitudinal metal tape seam welding and corrugating systems for producing CATV cables, RF coaxial cables and power cables. Three state-of-the art systems are available for producing seam welded metal tape sheath constructions, one that utilizes induction welding technology, a second using the TIG (GTAW) welding process, and a third using laser welding technology.

Photos: Cable Filling and Smooth Aluminum Tape Shielding Equipment

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» Caterpillar Haul-Offs 1005  » Rolling Mills 1055  » Section Roll Forming 1062  » Welding, Butt 1083  » Forming Wire & Strip 1235  » Welding - Spot 1297  » Accumulators, Wire 1400  » Armouring 1403  » Cable Equipment Filling 1420  » Cable Making (Fibre Optic) 1423  » Cable Making (Power) 1424  » Cable Making (Telecommunication) 1425  » Cable Rewind & Test Equipment 1428  » Cable Sheathing 1429  » Core Twisting Machinery 1018  » Fibre Optic Machinery 1447  » Fibre Optic Sheathing 1489  » Fibre Optic Systems 1453  » Pay Off Stands 1044  » Take Ups 1080