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67 Calico Crescent
Carrbrook, Stalybridge
Cheshire SK15 3FL
Tel: + 44 1457 837788

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Proton Products Ltd designs and manufactures precision instrumentation and control systems. The company established itself on the premise of making significant contributions to improve measurement and control technology used in the manufacturing processes of wire, cable, fibre, extrusion and primary metal production. We have adhered to these principles and have continually expanded our product range with affordable, innovative technologies which provide our customers with solutions that improve production capabilities.

The InteliSENS� range of, �Intelligent Sensors� were designed with the concept that; Sensors must accurately and reliably measure the product, as well as communicate the data without loss or distortion of the information. The InteliSENS� range of gauges uses the latest in advanced DSP Measurement Technology and integrates into a wide range of Industrial Networks using communication protocols such as DeviceNet, ProfiBUS, Ethernet IP and RS232.

The NEXiS� range of �Network Controllers� provides visual displays of product parameters, as well as Automatic Feedback Control to ensure that your product is manufactured within specification. The NEXiS� range includes many advanced features; SSF (Single Scan Flaw detection), FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) SPC (Statistical Process Control) SCC (Self Calculating Control) ASC (Auto Set-Point Control).

�Providing Solutions that Improve Product Measurement and Process Control�

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» Diameter Controllers 1026  » Spark Testers 1271  » Cable Capacitance Monitors 1413  » Cable Diameter Control 1418  » Computer Control System 1015  » Counting Instruments 1219  » Flaw Detection Equipment 1643  » Inspection Equipment - Laser 1679  » Laser Gauging 1458  » Speed Indicators 1810  » Testing Instruments - Cable 2214  » Inspection Equipment - Optical 1680  

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