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SMS Group GmbH
Ecoplants: SMS Meer presents new sustainability concept at Tube & wire 2012
SMS Group GmbH, Germany

Rising costs for energy and raw materials, stricter regulations on environmental protection. SMS Meer will be presenting its new sustainability... » More
Jersey Strand & Cable Inc
Wire rope manufacturer continues building for future
Jersey Strand & Cable Inc, USA

Solidifying top management continues at Jersey Strand and Cable. Executive Vice-President, John Pratt, has his role expanded. John has been a... » More
Inhol BV
Inhol B.V./PTL at Cables 2012 in Cologne
Inhol BV, Netherlands

INHOL B.V./PTL will be present at the cables 2012 in Cologne. During this international conference and exhibition for the plastic cable industry,... » More
Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG
Uhing at Wire 2012 in Düsseldorf
Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Traversing system automatically ensures a cylindrical winding To obtain a cylindrical winding in the particularly critical reversing... » More
Inhol BV
Inhol bv/PTL at wire 2012
Inhol BV, Netherlands

With the slogan " THE FUTURE COUNTS" The Inhol/PTL team and their agent Russion agent Permanent will continue to introduce new compounds and ideas to... » More
Fort Wayne Wire Die Inc
Leader in wire die technology features Die-Management Program at WIRE 2012
Fort Wayne Wire Die Inc, USA

Wire manufacturers looking for solutions to maximize profitability and remain competitive in the current global economy are encouraged to visit the... » More
Condat SA
Sustainable, high performance lubricants
Condat SA, France

CONDAT will present at the next WIRE Düsseldorf show the widest range of wire drawing products: Non reactive surface treatments... » More
Rautomead Limited
Rautomead casting equipment for oxygen-free copper rod enjoys oxygen of publicity at wire Dusseldorf 2012
Rautomead Limited, UK

Rautomead Limited of Dundee, Scotland will be exhibiting its range of RS upwards vertical casting machines for the production of oxygen-free copper... » More
International Wire & Machinery Association (IWMA)
Brand new look for the IWMA at wire Düsseldorf 2012
International Wire & Machinery Association (IWMA), UK

Even the problems caused by the Icelandic volcanic eruption during the 2010 event have failed to diminish the popularity of the wire Düsseldorf... » More
Rod dry cleaning: drawing speed continues to rise
Decalub, France

The Dry Cleaning, Coating and Drawing (DCCD) process offers substantial cost savings, replacing conventional rod wet preparation including... » More
Gauder Group
Pourtier gets a repeat order from ABB for new HVDC cables production unit
Gauder Group, Belgium

With well over a century's experience of cable manufacturing and installation, ABB is one of the world's most experienced cable manufacturers.... » More
Open house success at AIM, Inc

More than 180 visitors from all over the world turned up at the joint open house staged by AIM, Inc., on 14-17 November. The event was hosted at the... » More
Marldon Group Limited
Linear Drives - the Marldon solution
Marldon Group Limited, UK

Rolling ring drives, used mainly on spooling machines, very simply convert rotary shaft motion into linear movement. The principle is simple and... » More
Marldon Group Limited
Compact winding station
Marldon Group Limited, UK

Marldon is pleased to announce the delivery of its second compact wnding station to a UK customer. The machine comprises a dancer controlled payoff... » More
H Folke Sandelin AB (HFSAB)
HFSAB at wire 2012
H Folke Sandelin AB (HFSAB), Sweden

H. Folke Sandelin AB (HFSAB) from Motala, Sweden, will be a Co-Exhibitor at wire 2012 with Niehoff GmbH from the 26th to the 30th March. H.... » More
Whitelegg Machines Ltd
Whitelegg exhibits at wire 2012
Whitelegg Machines Ltd, UK

Whitelegg Machines Ltd will be showing a new 'budget' computer-controlled automatic wire bending machine at the WIRE exhibition in March. This... » More
EDER Engineering GmbH
Eder at wire 2012
EDER Engineering GmbH, Austria

EDER Engineering Austria with nearly 65 years specialist experience exports 98% of its output. The company is a technological leader and global... » More
PS Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl
PS' latest cable packaging line
PS Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl, Italy

PS Company has recently pioneered its latest cable packaging line model, the new DOUBLE AUTOMATIC SPOOLING LINE, MOD. PS 630/15 2B, a result of the... » More
Well Gain Cable Systems (Shanghai) Ltd
Multi-wire Drawing Machine from China proved top quality performance
Well Gain Cable Systems (Shanghai) Ltd, China (PR)

Well Gain Cable Systems Ltd. is proud to present the state of the art multi-wire drawing machine from China with proved top quality performance. The... » More
SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH
SKET's market position goes from strength to strength - new large order from Bridon International Ltd
SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH, Germany

In recent months SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH has further consolidated its leading position as a supplier of machinery and equipment for the... » More
Geo-Reinigungstechnik GmbH
GEO-Reinigungstechnik at wire 2012
Geo-Reinigungstechnik GmbH, Germany

GEO-Reinigungstechnik presents at this year's wire fair in Düsseldorf cleaning systems and components for the improvement of surface quality of long... » More
FIB Belgium SA
FIB's New Immersion Heater Tubes
FIB Belgium SA, Belgium

Increased efficiency in galvanizing The Immersion Heater Tubes, that are actually immersed into the heart of the galvanizing bath to... » More
Medek & Schoerner GmbH
Continuity guaranteed - next generation ready to go!
Medek & Schoerner GmbH, Austria

The tradition of the present third management generation – Fritz and Kurt Descovich as well as Werner Lichtscheidl – is now set to continue. The... » More
Beta LaserMike USA
Beta LaserMike brings new lay length measurement and 3-axis fault detection solutions to wire Düsseldorf 2012
Beta LaserMike USA, USA

Beta LaserMike, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, will debut its new LayScan measurement system and... » More
SMS Group GmbH
Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Union orders heavy-section mill
SMS Group GmbH, Germany

The Chinese company Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Union Co. Ltd. from the province of Inner Mongolia has placed an order with SMS Meer, Germany, for... » More
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