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Zumbach Electronic AG
Zumbach at Wire Moscow 2011
Zumbach Electronic AG, Switzerland

Zumbach Electronics will exhibit a selection of its broad range of measurement and control systems for wire insulating and jacketing, wire drawing... » More
Zumbach Electronic AG
KW 13TRIO: 3-axis surface fault detection of a new generation
Zumbach Electronic AG, Switzerland

Zumbach Electronics presents a new Lump and Neckdown detector of the highest level. For continuous quality control, lump & neckdown detectors... » More
Zumbach Electronic AG
Zumbach at Interwire 2011
Zumbach Electronic AG, Switzerland

Zumbach's broad range of measurement and control systems for wire insulating and jacketing, wire drawing and rod mill applications. An extensive... » More
Zumbach Electronic AG
Very fast & reliable measurement & control of wire temperature with Zumbach’s AUTAC 250S
Zumbach Electronic AG, Switzerland

Zumbach Electronics presents a state-of-the-art temperature measuring system. The AUTAC 250S system ensures a reliable, very fast, non-contact... » More
Zumbach Electronic AG
Zumbach Electronics introduces USYS 20, a new data acquisition, processing & display unit
Zumbach Electronic AG, Switzerland

This new state-of-the-art processor is based on the experience of over 50 years with thousands of units operating in industrial processes like the... » More
Spark Elettronica s.r.l.
Measurement instruments from Spark Elletronica
Spark Elettronica s.r.l., Italy

Micro-Ohmeter Micro-Ohm measurement for copper and aluminium wires and tubes Technical specifications: Power supply... » More
Techna International Ltd
Non-contact flange detection and automatic winding width control
Techna International Ltd, UK

Techna introduce two new winding systems from Joachim Uhing KG., inventors and world leading manufacturers of Rolling-Ring Linear Drives.... » More
FMS Force Measuring Systems AG
At the forefront of cable & wire production with FMS’ new RTM X2
FMS Force Measuring Systems AG, Switzerland

Wire and cable makers now have an affordable way to control tension in individual wires on rotating Wire Processing Machinery. Since the introduction... » More
Eurobend SA
New automatic wire bending machines developed by Eurobend
Eurobend SA, Greece

Eurobend S.A. has developed two new distinctive series of automatic wire bending machines, the "G-STAR F" series, which is a single head/line machine... » More
Cimteq Ltd
Cimteq, the cable design software company expands
Cimteq Ltd, UK

Cimteq, the supplier of the cable design and quotation software CableBuilder, is expanding its operations to support customers and supply new and... » More
Techna International Ltd
Draw your own conclusions
Techna International Ltd, UK

As UK representative, Techna is able to provide the entire range of wire drawing components from Naber & Wissmann GmbH, including capstans, cones and... » More
Associated Engineers & Industrials Ltd (AEI)
Associated Engineers & Industrials will be at Wire & Cable India 2010
Associated Engineers & Industrials Ltd (AEI), India

Associated Engineers & Industrials Ltd. (AEI) has 40 years of expertise in design and manufacturing of high technology Stranding Machines for the... » More
SMS Group GmbH
SMS Meer opens new site in Shanghai
SMS Group GmbH, Germany

SMS Meer has invested 22 million euros in a new production site in Shanghai. The site was officially opened on October 28, at a ceremony attended... » More
Whitelegg Machines Ltd
New wire forming machine from Whitelegg
Whitelegg Machines Ltd, UK

Whitelegg introduces the new 12mm Wire Forming Machine, able to bend and weld wire from It uses the latest 2D technology and embodies... » More
Wire and rod dry cleaning
Decalub, France

Decalub’s development of wire and rod Smooth-Brush (SB) system by ultra-fine brushing replaces the most costly operations in wire drawing... » More
SMS Group GmbH
ArcelorMittal Hochfeld orders high-capacity wire rod mill with newly developed MEERdrive® technology
SMS Group GmbH, Germany

Two years ago, ArcelorMittal Hochfeld GmbH with headquarters in Duisburg, Germany, placed an order with SMS Meer, Germany, for the supply of a... » More
Rautomead Limited
Casting the net - Rautomead looks beyond the obvious to maximize market opportunities
Rautomead Limited, UK

Continuous casting technology specialist Rautomead of Dundee has a proud history of innovation going back to 1978 when the company began building... » More
Beta LaserMike USA
Beta LaserMike to give paper presentation at International Technical Conference
Beta LaserMike USA, USA

Beta LaserMike, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, will be presenting a technical paper on the recent advances... » More
Medek & Schoerner GmbH
Medek & Schörner at Wire & Cable India 2010
Medek & Schoerner GmbH, Austria

Medek & Schörner will be presenting the following state-of-the-art cable marking machines at the WIRE & CABLE INDIA 2010 fair in Mumbai:... » More
Whitelegg Machines Ltd
Visit of Peter Whitelegg to the Whitelegg Machines factory
Whitelegg Machines Ltd, UK

Colin Dawson, Chairman of Whitelegg Machines Ltd was delighted to receive a visit from Peter Whitelegg, his former boss, to be informed about the... » More
Precision measurement3
SIKORA AG, Germany

New laser devices will expand Sikora’s current range of diameter gauges by three powerful models, said to offer even higher precision and... » More
FMS Force Measuring Systems AG
Tension control - wireless and with digital speed
FMS Force Measuring Systems AG, Switzerland

FMS has expanded its product line of wireless tension control solutions with the new RTM X2 System, developed to provide for the efficient and... » More
Microdia SA
New cross head families to suit modern compounds
Microdia SA, Switzerland

Romex affordable cross head The Romex series is designed to be the perfect solution for the customer looking for a simple, robust and... » More
Gauder Group
Gauder-launched company Daloo will exhibit at Wire & Cable India 2010 on booth C6-5
Gauder Group, Belgium

Launched by the Gauder Group in 2008, Daloo is the first low cost wire & cable machinery manufacturer located in China. Founded on a rich vein of... » More
Gauder Group
Gauder Group at Wire & Cable India 2010 on booth F14
Gauder Group, Belgium

The Gauder Group is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing rotating machines for communication and power cables as well as providing... » More
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