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Condat SA
Condat at wire China 2010
Condat SA, France

At wire China 2010, the CONDAT Asian sales team will invite you to its booth to discover its extensive range of lubricants designed for Wire... » More
Wire lubrication system for frictionless drawing
Decalub, France

The system revolutionises the wire drawing process, benefiting from unique PDH multi-function technology, enabling an automatic control of... » More
Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co KG
Niehoff assumes international representation of lead extruder and cable repair and recovery system manufacturer HFSAB
Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co KG, Germany

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff, one of the internationally leading manufacturers of machinery for the wire and cable industry, assumed as from April 1st... » More
Institute of Spring Technology (IST)
Institute of Spring Technology launches state of the art spring design calculator
Institute of Spring Technology (IST), UK

The way in which spring designers and spring users design and validate spring designs has been vastly improved, thanks to the revolutionary Spring... » More
Rautomead Limited
Rautomead on its mettle in Iraq
Rautomead Limited, UK

UK-based continuous casting technology specialist Rautomead Limited of Dundee has announced the appointment of a new agent in the Middle East.... » More
Madem SA
Madem receives high marks for its Customer Satisfaction Survey
Madem SA , Brazil

In the first quarter of 2010 Madem Group conducted a customer satisfaction survey with 153 Wire & Cable manufacturing customers in 34 countries.... » More
Maillefer Extrusion Oy
Time for change
Maillefer Extrusion Oy, Finland

With the company’s chief executive offi cer, Mr Pentti Hätälä, having reached the age of 65, the Maillefer board of directors has... » More
Heat saving facelift
ENKOTEC A/S, Denmark

Enkotec A/S has completed a full renovation and facelift to its office and production buildings. The new front is constructed in glass and... » More
EBNER-Industrieofenbau Ges.m.b.H
Bell annealer facility for United Wire
EBNER-Industrieofenbau Ges.m.b.H, Austria

In August 2009, Ebner received an order from United Wire Factories Co, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for a Hicon® N2 bell annealer facility. The... » More
Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co KG
RFID for spool management
Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co KG, Germany

Product variety and the need to record each step of a production process require reliable labelling of fi lled spools. Niehoff’s most recent... » More
Gauder Group
Multi-compound heavy-duty extruders
Gauder Group, Belgium

Due to a lack of suitable second-hand extruders, Gauder sa has announced the addition of Mapré heavy duty equipment to its scope of sales.... » More
Improving production in cable lines
SIKORA AG, Germany

Since 1993 Sikora has offered X-ray measuring devices for eccentricity, wall thickness, ovality and diameter of medium, high and extra-high voltage... » More
Inosym Ltd
Inosym ships its largest reels
Inosym Ltd, New Zealand

In December 2009 Inosym shipped its "largest ever" reels to Egypt and Malaysia. The reels were steel drums of 4,000mm and 3,600mm in diameter.... » More
Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH
Payoff and take-up
Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH, Austria

Rosendahl offers two models of winders for sheathing lines – floor-traversing and portal-traversing – named RWT and RWH. These systems... » More
Madem SA
Madem Reels USA sells assets to Sonoco Group
Madem SA , Brazil

On May 12, Madem Reels USA, located in Chattanooga, TN sold all assets to the Sonoco Group headquartered in South Carolina. According to Gino... » More
Cimteq Ltd
Software partnership
Cimteq Ltd, UK

Cimteq, the supplier of the cable design software CableBuilder©, has signed a partnership agreement with SAP to enhance its software’s... » More
Lamnea Bruk AB
Inline rod cleaning
Lamnea Bruk AB, Sweden

The Lamnea inline rod cleaning system continuously performs in-line reverse bending of wire rod from 5mm to 15mm diameter. The system consists of a... » More
QED Wire Lines Inc
Cleaning and descaling system
QED Wire Lines Inc, Canada

QED Wire Lines supplies multi-wire cleaning systems including high turbulence pickling, electrolytic pre-cleaning, heat-treating and coating... » More
Wire Lab Company (WILCO)
Descaling range
Wire Lab Company (WILCO), USA

WILCO supplies a range of descalers for all applications, from basic low-cost mechanical descalers for the production of industrial quality wires,... » More
FIB Belgium SA
Modular acid baths
FIB Belgium SA, Belgium

After commissioning over 80 fibreglass pickling baths, FIB has chosen a polypropylene construction to be used with a geyser-type cooling bath with... » More
Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH
Crosshead developments
Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH, Austria

The challenge in distributor design is to find the optimum dimensions to attain a balanced flow at the exit. Rosendahl’s distributor design... » More
Wyrepak Industries Inc
Pulleys for extruding
Wyrepak Industries Inc, USA

Wyrepak offers a range of guide pulleys highly suited for extruding wire. In particular, the WP series pulleys have nitrile rubber contact rings.... » More
QUEINS Machines GmbH
Complete lines
QUEINS Machines GmbH, Germany

Queins, a manufacturer of heavy-duty stranding equipment, also builds complete extrusion lines. Immediately available from stock is a combined... » More
Teknor Apex Thermoplastic Elastomer Div
New TPEs
Teknor Apex Thermoplastic Elastomer Div, USA

A new series of Elexar® thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds for wire and cable, from the Thermoplastic Elastomer Division of Teknor Apex... » More
LaserLinc Now Offers FFT and SRL
LaserLinc , USA

LaserLinc has introduced two sophisticated new software options: Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Structural Return Loss (SRL). FFT allows users... » More
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