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Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH
Merging SZ with sheathing
Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH, Austria

Rosendahl has further developed its technologies to merge its system SZ technology (for stranding sector-shaped conductors) with a sheathing... » More
Whitelegg Machines Ltd
Another successful year
Whitelegg Machines Ltd, UK

Whitelegg Machines has introduced a new version of the well-known CFM range. The CFM-1050-TWS is available in two versions, for a wire range... » More
Goodwin Machinery Ltd
New services on offer
Goodwin Machinery Ltd, UK

Goodwin Machinery Ltd is proud to announce its continued commitment to the wire and cable industry with the purchase of the spares division of... » More
Beta LaserMike USA
Non-contact eccentricity gauge
Beta LaserMike USA, USA

When the core of insulated wire and cable moves off-centre, product quality suffers and with the increasingly tighter tolerances demanded by cable... » More
Institute of Spring Technology (IST)
New IST website
Institute of Spring Technology (IST), UK

The Institute of Spring Technology (IST) has launched a new version of its website. Designed to be more attractive than its predecessor, and with... » More
Pave Automation Design & Development Ltd
Cost effective wire forming equipment
Pave Automation Design & Development Ltd , UK

British manufacturer Pave Automation Ltd will showcase three of its best-selling wire forming machines at wire 2010, on stand 12D17.... » More
AIM’s open house

Over 150 visitors from across the world attended the open house staged by AIM, in collaboration with IncRMG, ENTRON, Krueger Steel and Fanuc... » More
CeramTec GmbH
New cones for Syncro F13
CeramTec GmbH, Germany

CeramTec is offering complete wire drawing cones or large rings with a 483mm diameter. Made from advanced ceramics the cones can be used for wire... » More
B&B Compounds Srl
Researching for REACH
B&B Compounds Srl, Italy

B&B Compounds is carrying out research for the new family of flame retardant eco-compounds (FREC) to pass IEC standard 332.3 categories a, b & c.... » More
QED Wire Lines Inc
New additions
QED Wire Lines Inc, Canada

QED has added two new members to the team: Andrew Banham is a mechanical engineering technologist and has been a member of the Quebec Order of... » More
Cross wire welding

A new T-Welder, or cross wire welder, system module has been successfully installed and tested at a customer’s site for the past six months,... » More
AlphaGary Corporation
Safer compounds at wire 2010
AlphaGary Corporation, USA

AlphaGary will be present at wire 2010, and will feature the Megolon® range of halogen free low smoke fire retardant compounds, alongside the... » More
Zumbach Electronic AG
Control in power cable production
Zumbach Electronic AG, Switzerland

Zumbach Electronic AG offers a wide range of dimensional measurement and quality monitoring systems for cable. The three-axis ODAC® Trio... » More
Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG
Uhing-AVS at Goodyear
Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Warped metal spools require frequent adjustment of the traversing width if such spools are to be reused. This negatively affects the cost... » More
Gauder Group
Gauder’s GreenBow
Gauder Group, Belgium

Gauder Group’s new concentric stranding line, COS 1200-2, has been designed with energy savings in mind. Power consumption has been reduced:... » More
Marldon Group Limited
Marldon hysteresis payoffs
Marldon Group Limited, UK

Marldon has supplied a number of hysteresis flyer payoffs to a UK wire manufacturer demanding versatility and simplicity from a payoff system.... » More
SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH
Neptune 2 contract for SKET
SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH, Germany

SKET has won a contract to supply equipment for Kiswire’s Neptune 2 project. What are believed to be the world’s largest planetary... » More
Rolf Schlicht GmbH
Electrostatic powder coating from Schlicht
Rolf Schlicht GmbH, Germany

Rolf Schlicht’s electrostatic powder coating machine model RSC was designed for an even, finely dosable and dust free powdering of cables,... » More
Holton Crest Ltd
The Holton Crest approach
Holton Crest Ltd, UK

In the Autumn 2009 issue of WCN, Holton Crest announced the redefinition of the existing Holton machine design, extending the capability boundaries... » More
Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd
Chinese producer selects Radyne
Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd, UK

Radyne IHWT has successfully completed the supply, installation and commissioning of induction heating equipment for six tyre cord diffusion (TCD)... » More
Gauder Group
Gauder Group at wire 2010
Gauder Group, Belgium

The Gauder Group is among worldwide leaders in the design and manufacture of rotating machines for communication and power cables as well as... » More
E Braude (London) Ltd
Braude joins forces with Eltherm
E Braude (London) Ltd, UK

A well established name in the metal finishing industry, Braude is a specialist manufacturer of non-corrodible heating and cooling equipment for... » More
Weber & Scher Mfg Co Inc
Power cable production equipment
Weber & Scher Mfg Co Inc, USA

Weber & Scher Manufacturing Co Inc, established in 1915 by Mr George Scher, has specialised for over 60 years in providing equipment and technology... » More
Madem SA
RFS-Radio offers reels contract
Madem SA , Brazil

RFS is a global designer of cable, antenna and tower systems plus active and passive RF conditioning modules, providing total-package solutions... » More
Conductor preheater
SIKORA AG, Germany

During the manufacture of data cables, a reliable conductor preheating is required to ensure optimum adhesion of the insulation on the wire. For... » More
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