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Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH
Rosendahl celebrates fifty years in the industry
Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH, Austria

Rosendahl produces products and turnkey solutions for wire and cable manufacturing and in 2009 will celebrate fifty years in the industry. In this... » More
Goodwin Machinery Ltd
Machinery resale and installations
Goodwin Machinery Ltd, UK

Goodwin Machinery established operations from its Bolton facility 18 months ago, and has seen business expand in that time. To meet the ever... » More
Ajex & Turner Wire Dies Co
Diamond tools and ultrasonic die cleaning
Ajex & Turner Wire Dies Co, India

Ajex & Turner technology is at the forefront of precision lapping and polishing of carbide and diamond dies using diamond compounds, diamond... » More
Madem SA
Six months of expansion planned for Madem Group
Madem SA , Brazil

Madem Group has announced several developments for the next six months: In Brazil, Madem SA has completed a new plywood plant, representing a... » More
Warbrick International Ltd
All change in Cheshire
Warbrick International Ltd, UK

In November 2008 Warbrick International moved from Knutsford, Cheshire, the company base for the past 27 years, to new offices and warehousing... » More
Production scheduling with barcode labels

Automated Industrial Machinery (AIM) has introduced another value-added feature to its AccuForm line of CNC wire bending machines. It has been... » More
Cometo SNC
Automation worldwide
Cometo SNC, Italy

Automation and development are Cometo�s key factors. Since 1983 the company has represented the future at the service of the wire and cable... » More
FMS Force Measuring Systems AG
Breakthrough in tension control technology
FMS Force Measuring Systems AG, Switzerland

Wire and cable makers have an affordable way to monitor and control tension in individual wires on rotating machines. This technology, from FMS,... » More
Madem SA
Celebrating a year in Chattanooga
Madem SA , Brazil

Madem Reels USA Inc, located in Chattanooga, TN has successfully completed one year since their first machines arrived in the US for... » More
Upcast OY
Onwards and upwards – innovations from Upcast®
Upcast OY, Finland

The Upward Continuous Casting method, better known as the Upcast� system, was innovated and developed by Outokumpu in the late 1960s for the... » More
Wire Lab Company (WILCO)
Descaling specialists
Wire Lab Company (WILCO), USA

USA�s Wire Lab Company manufactures a comprehensive line of mechanical descaling machinery for steel wire producers. A wide variety of... » More
Carl Bechem GmbH
175 Years of Carl Bechem
Carl Bechem GmbH, Germany

In 1834, Carl Bechem founded the first German oil plant in Hagen, North Rhine- Westphalia. Thus Carl Bechem GmbH can now look back on 175 years of... » More
PS Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl
Double versatility
PS Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl, Italy

PS Costruzioni Meccaniche has recently launched a completely new automatic coil and spool winding line, the PS 200/8 Combo. The fully automatic... » More
Hasemann Maschinen
Used machinery worldwide
Hasemann Maschinen, Germany

Since its establishment in 1987, Hasemann Maschinen has specialised in the worldwide purchase and supply of highest quality used machinery for the... » More
QUEINS Machines GmbH
Heavy duty capstan
QUEINS Machines GmbH, Germany

Queins has developed a new heavy duty rotating caterpillar capstan, to be used in armouring drum-twister lines for large cable diameters with... » More
Techna International Ltd
Techna takes control
Techna International Ltd, UK

Techna International introduces its new ranges of hysteresis brakes, permanent magnet synchronous clutches and barrier clutches. Hysteresis... » More
Techna International Ltd
Getting straight to the point
Techna International Ltd, UK

Established in 1898, few companies are as experienced in the fields of straightening and guiding as Witels Albert, manufacturers of straightening... » More
EDER Engineering GmbH
Save on dies with EDER
EDER Engineering GmbH, Austria

EDER Engineering has a leading position in advanced diamond/PCD die working equipment, offering universal flexibility and application, a high... » More
Euroalpha Srl
New Italian supplier for drawing machines
Euroalpha Srl, Italy

Euroalpha is a new Italian company making wire drawing equipment for non-ferrous materials, specialising in equipment for copper, aluminium and... » More
LDSN new international standard

Cersa-MCI Laser Diffraction Sensors (LDSN) offer users a new international standard calibration agreement for fine wire diameter measurement.... » More
Fine International Corporation
Worldwide supplier of wire and cable machinery
Fine International Corporation, USA

Fine International offers 16- and 24-carrier braiders for wire and cable and the medical industries. Each machine includes a touch screen... » More
Eurobend SA
Wire working versatility
Eurobend SA, Greece

Eurobend SA has developed a new range of automatic wire bending machines, working from coil. The G-STAR F, a single head machine, and the... » More
Zumbach Electronic AG
Measuring and control equipment from Zumbach
Zumbach Electronic AG, Switzerland

Zumbach Electronic AG offers a wide range of dimensional measurement and quality monitoring systems for the wire and cable industry. Zumbach... » More
Koner SpA
Drawing dies from Koner
Koner SpA, Italy

Lubrication is a crucial factor for the finished quality of drawn wire. An interrupted lubrication in the drawing process causes an increase in... » More
IPEC UltraSense monitor for EHV power cable

Following an enthusiastic reception at wire08 for the UltraSense monitor for Extra High Voltage power cable, IPEC Ltd has announced the shipment... » More
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