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Bennett Mahler Ltd
Machines from Bennett Mahler
Bennett Mahler Ltd, UK

Bennett Mahler will exhibit a new ultra grind 600 downfeed spring end grinding machine together with a new WHG-660 single end, water-cooled spring... » More
NOTA Precision Engineering Company
Specialists in diamond wire drawing dies
NOTA Precision Engineering Company, Poland

Nota Zaklad Mechaniki Precyzyjnej is a private company which, since forming in 1987, has maintained a high position in the market of producing and... » More
Hasemann Maschinen
Experience counts for Hasemann
Hasemann Maschinen, Germany

Founded in 1987, Hasemann Maschinen specialises in the worldwide purchase and supply of high quality used machinery for the processing and treatment... » More
Zumbach Electronic AG
Large range from Zumbach
Zumbach Electronic AG, Switzerland

Zumbach will present many new developments and products. The advanced ODEX� 10 concentricity and diameter gauge for wire extrusion is an... » More
Reelex Packaging Solutions Inc
Tangle free packaging from Reelex
Reelex Packaging Solutions Inc, USA

Reelex Packaging Solutions will display its complete line of Reelex coiling equipment, and ancillary equipment such as pay-offs, accumulators, and... » More
Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH
Solutions from Rosendahl and Nextrom
Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH, Austria

Rosendahl and Nextrom are leading global suppliers of hi-tech wire, cable and fibre manufacturing solutions. Together they offer first class... » More
EDER Engineering GmbH
Diamond anniversary with a look back at the past for Eder Engineering
EDER Engineering GmbH, Austria

Eder Engineering is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year � and marking it with a look back at its past achievements. Some examples of... » More
Maillefer Extrusion Oy
Maillefer – from all angles!
Maillefer Extrusion Oy, Finland

An improved island set-up at wire 2008 will allow visitors to discover Maillefer innovations from all angles with extrusion solutions for energy,... » More
Rod dry preparation enables high-speed lfrictionless drawing
Decalub, France

Decalub, France, has introduced the new generation DCCD (dry cleaning, coating and drawing) process which eliminates the most costly parameters in... » More
Wire cleaning for plating quality
Decalub, France

The new in-line Pressure Wet Cleaning (PWC) system is developed to clean drawn wire from lubricant residue to obtain a smooth and glossy finish in... » More
Lubricant Viscosity Control Eliminates Pre-coating Chemicals
Decalub, France

The new innovative Lubricant Viscosity Control (LVC) system, operating in conjunction with the PDH ultra highpressure lubrication technology, is... » More
Frictionless drawing of High-Carbon wire
Decalub, France

The new PDH lubrication system is used in the most demanding drawing applications, allowing the highest drawing speeds, with all carbon steel... » More
Wire Lubrication & Clean Wire
Decalub, France

The new GPS/PDH wire re-coating system greatly improves the present state of both wire lubrication and in-line wire cleaning. The system enables... » More
Acid-free rod cleaning and dry preparation for frictionless drawing
Decalub, France

Decalub, France, has introduced its new Dry Cleaning, Coating and Drawing (DCCD) process, greatly improving the present state of rod preparation,... » More
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