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Tecnosider Srl
New pulling-in dogs
Tecnosider Srl, Italy

Tecnosider has been operating for many years in the steel wire drawing industry and has now designed a new series of versatile and easy to use... » More
Madem SA
Madem Reels increasing production
Madem SA , Brazil

Madem is amongst the largest wood cable reel producers in the world, with plants in Brazil, Spain and USA and a production capacity of 500... » More
Ger SA
New and used equipment shipped worldwide
Ger SA, Belgium

GER SA Belgium specialises in the sale of new and second-hand machinery for wire and cable, tube and sheet works, for the ferrous and non-ferrous... » More
Holton Crest Ltd
Holton Crest awarded industry's largest single contract for continuous rotary extrusion equipment
Holton Crest Ltd, UK

Holton Crest, a manufacturer and supplier of continuous rotary extrusion equipment, has secured a multi-million pound contract � believed to... » More
Rautomead Limited
Brass EDM wire rod plant heads for Taiwan
Rautomead Limited, UK

Continuous casting technology specialist, Rautomead Ltd, of Dundee, Scotland, has recently completed the commissioning of a brass EDM wire rod... » More
Proton Products Sales & Service
A product range with InteliSENS
Proton Products Sales & Service, UK

Proton Products International is rapidly expanding its product range and global presence. The InteliSENS (Intelligent Sensor) range of... » More
QED Wire Lines Inc
Galvanizing line order for QED
QED Wire Lines Inc, Canada

QED has confirmed an agreement with Energya Industries (subsidiary of El-Sewedy) of Egypt to supply two complete galvanizing lines. Offering... » More
Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co KG
Niehoff-News on the desk
Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co KG, Germany

The most recent issue of "Niehoff-News" is now available. The newspaper, published by Maschinenfabrik Niehoff, contains a twopage illustrated... » More
T Butler Engineering Ltd
TBE's new multibend technology
T Butler Engineering Ltd, Ireland (Rep)

T Butler Engineering's new development in multibend technology is available from 2mm to 10mm. This is a unique development which can... » More
Sikora’s first gauge with LED light source
SIKORA AG, Germany

Sikora has launched the newly developed LED 8025 XY, for the measurement of several cable types, including those with a transparent insulation... » More
NOTA Precision Engineering Company
Production and remaking of diamond dies
NOTA Precision Engineering Company, Poland

NOTA Zaklad Mechaniki Precyzyjnej is a private company, established in1987. The company maintains a high position in the market of producing and... » More
Zumbach Electronic AG
Multiple measuring technologies from Zumbach
Zumbach Electronic AG, Switzerland

Zumbach Electronics AG, Switzwerland, manufactures a comprehensive range of non-contact, on-line measuring and control instruments for dimensional... » More
Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH
Efficient screening with SZ-technology
Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH, Austria

Based on the successful SZ-series, Rosendahl has developed a machine dedicated for screening processes. The ROSZ 120 is equipped with belt-driven... » More
Gauder Group
Line orders
Gauder Group, Belgium

Pourtier - Gauder Group has been granted an order for a project for ABB HV cables in Sweden. Cable manufacturers for over 120 years, ABB has a... » More
Teknodiam Srl
Quality diamond dies from Teknodiam
Teknodiam Srl, Italy

Teknodiam produces diamond dies for drawing and shaping, wire extrusion nipples, special profile dies and component part of dies in natural or... » More
PS Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl
Large contract for PS Costruzioni
PS Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl, Italy

PS Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl, is pleased to have been awarded a large contract with the well known Egyptian cables manufacturer El �... » More
Wyrepak Industries Inc
New tension capstan from Wyrepak
Wyrepak Industries Inc, USA

Already known for its range of belt wrapped tension capstans for individual strands of round or flat wire, Wyrepak has designed a larger tension... » More
EDER Engineering GmbH
60 years of success and a full order book!
EDER Engineering GmbH, Austria

Eder Engineering, specialists in the field of high quality drawing die-tools, advanced die processing technologies and stateof- the-art working... » More
Wire cleaning for plating quality
Decalub, France

Decalub's new in-line Pressure WetCleaning (PWC) system is used to cleandrawn wire of lubricant residue to obtaina smooth and glossy finish to... » More
Rod and wire dry cleaning , in-line at high-speed
Decalub, France

Decalub has developed a steel rod and wire dry cleaning system, called Smooth- Brush (SB), which operates in-line with a wire drawing machine.... » More
Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co KG
Read all about it!
Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co KG, Germany

The latest issue of Niehoff News is now available. Published by Maschinenfabrik Niehoff, it contains articles about the company�s participation... » More
Rautomead Limited
Rautomead offers choice of plants
Rautomead Limited, UK

UK-based continuous casting technology specialists, Rautomead Limited, offers two different technologies of plant for the production of oxygen-free... » More
Ger SA
New annealer for copper wire
Ger SA, Belgium

GER SA has launched a new continuous resistance annealer for copper wire. This stand-alone model can be synchronised with any make of rod breakdown... » More
B&B Compounds Srl
New range of compounds from B & B
B&B Compounds Srl, Italy

B&B Compounds is one of the leading Italian companies producing wire and cables compounds since 1972. B&B has recently developed a new range of... » More
Carl Bechem GmbH
Precision welders
Carl Bechem GmbH, Germany

Whitelegg Machines has been progres-sively producing CNC wire bending and welding machines since 1990, consistently giving high quality butt welding... » More
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