Wire cleaning for plating quality

PUBLISHED: 03 Jul 07

Wire cleaning and polishing by the PWC system
Wire cleaning and polishing by the PWC system

The new in-line Pressure Wet Cleaning (PWC) system is developed to clean drawn wire from lubricant residue to obtain a smooth and glossy finish in �plating� quality, at 6-14m/s (1,200- 2,800ft/min), dependent on wire size.

The system simultaneously performs surface cleaning and polishing, in-line with wire drawing machines and is used for the most demanding wire cleaning and polishing applications using standard cleaning medium, including cold water, water emulsions, oil, etc.

The wire leaves the cleaning unit completely dry, ultra-clean, and with a highly reflective appearance. The PWC system is particularly recommended for cleaning applications in which a traditional process is inappropriate, especially with wire drawn in severe conditions resulting in increased heat and burn lubricant tightly bound to the wire surface and embedded in micro-cracks and longitudinal scratches.

Exceptional cleanliness is obtained with a smooth and glossy finish in �plating� quality which permits wire direct brass coating, zinc coating, copper coating, painting, etc, and wire cleaning prior to heat treatment applications including patenting, annealing, welding (mesh, chain), cladding, etc.

In demanding applications, including the production of highly reflective wire, the PWC system revolutionises the wire cleaning, enabling considerably higher surface quality of the end product, benefitting from the new Decalub wire intermediate dry re-coating process, allowing a smooth and �frictionless� drawing with completely water soluble sodium lubricants in all drafts, easy to clean in-line at high speed with rust preventive additives.

As a consequence, the PWC offers significant downstream benefits and savings with the potential to displace acid, ultrasonic, etc.

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