Wire cleaning for plating quality

PUBLISHED: 30 Apr 09

Wire cleaning and polishing by PWC system
Wire cleaning and polishing by PWC system

Decalub's new in-line Pressure WetCleaning (PWC) system is used to cleandrawn wire of lubricant residue to obtaina smooth and glossy finish to 'plating' quality, at a rate of 6 to 14 m/s (1,200 to2,800 ft/min) dependent on the wire size.

The system simultaneously performssurface cleaning and polishing, in-linewith the wire drawing machine andis used for the most demanding wirecleaning and polishing applications usingstandard cleaning medium including coldwater, water emulsions and oil.

The wire leaves the cleaning unitcompletely dry, ultra-clean, with a highlyreflective appearance.

The PWC system is particularlyrecommended for cleaning applicationsin which a traditional process isinappropriate, especially with wire drawnin severe conditions resulting in increasedheat and burnt lubricant tightly boundto the wire surface and embedded inmicro-cracks and longitudinal scratches.

Exceptional cleanliness obtained insmooth and glossy finish in 'plating' quality permits wire direct brass coating, zinc coating, copper coating or painting, and wire cleaning prior to heat treatmentapplications including patenting,annealing, welding and cladding.

In demanding applications, includingproduction of highly 'reflective' wire,the PWC system revolutionises the wirecleaning, enabling considerably highersurface quality of the end product. The new Decalub wire intermediate dryre-coating process, permits a smoothand 'frictionless' drawing with completely water soluble sodium lubricants in alldrafts, easy to clean in-line at high speedwith 'rust preventive' additives.

As a consequence, the PWC offers significant downstream benefits and process savings with the potential to replace acid and ultrasonic methods.

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