Large contract for PS Costruzioni

PUBLISHED: 17 Jul 08

Machinery from PS Costruzioni
Machinery from PS Costruzioni

PS Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl, is pleased to have been awarded a large contract with the well known Egyptian cables manufacturer El � Sewedy.

The contract consists of nine coiling machines, both semiautomatic and fully automatic coil winding systems.

The range of cables to be processed by PS machines includes cables of 1mm to 25mm diameter, while the final products can be standard or variable sizes.

Some PS machines are to be implemented at El-Sewedy Mother Company in Egypt, while others are destined to El-Sewedy several branches in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen and Ethiopia.

PS will also supply an automatic coiling machine, mod. PS 600/25. This line can produce three coils, 100 metre long, per minute. These coils can reach an OD up to 600mm and can have a maximum weight of 80 kilos.

El-Sewedy packs the coils with a diametral strapping system and thermo-shrinking film after which, a label is applied along the outer perimeter of the wrapped up coil, showing the company name and the cable data.

All these processes are made automatically. Using the PS lines, El-Sewedy will increase its cable production.

PS has succeeded in retailing to El-Sewedy and other customers by improving in several sectors, including after-sales service, now with technicians all over the world able to respond to queries in real-time.

PS Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl, Italy
Tel: + 39 039 689 8763

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