Insulation and sheathing lines for silicon cables

PUBLISHED: 12 Feb 09

Silicon line extruders from Tecnocable
Silicon line extruders from Tecnocable

Tecnocable is a designer and manufacturer of machinery and complete production lines for the electrical cable industry, from wire rod to final product, and offers engineering services based on over 30 years in the field.

Tecnocable offers flexible and personalised solutions to suit the individual needs of the customer in the following areas:

  • Rod breakdown, intermediary and fine wire drawing machines (copper and aluminium, single or multi-wires)
  • Bunching (for bobbins of 1.25mm to 1.80mm diameter)
  • Stranding (rigid, planetary, tubular)
  • Extrusion (extruders from 30mm to 150mm screw diameter)
  • Low tension cable insulation and sheathing in PVC, PE, PU, PP, PA, fluorated products, silicone
  • Cable insulation and sheathing in rubber with continuous vulcanisation
  • Cable coiling (semi-automatic and automatic machines)

Tecnocable has developed a new range of silicon lines. The new extruders are equipped with a sturdy gearbox with built-in AC motors, designed for high performance in cable insulation and sheathing.

The motor gearbox, feeding zone, screw and barrel are cooled by tempered water, with curing through a hot air and an infrared oven.

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