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PUBLISHED: 12 Feb 09

USA�s Wire Lab Company manufactures a comprehensive line of mechanical descaling machinery for steel wire producers.

A wide variety of models allows customers to put in place the Wilco mechanical descaling system which most closely matches their wire drawing requirement, with consideration given to machinery investment, maintenance cost, cost for any consumable items and overall quality requirement of the finished wire product. Simple-to-use basic mechanical descaling systems (such as model 920 Air Jet and model 1030 Water Jet descalers) are well suited for producers of industrial quality wire products where emphasis is on maintaining the lowest possible overall production cost.

More feature-rich Wilco descaling systems allow customers to use wire rods of various qualities with the objective being producing a consistently cleaned wire rod suitable for making into higher quality wire products.

These Wilco descaling systems (model 1250 and model 1750 automatic wire brush descalers) incorporate the Wilco automatic rod-brushing machine into the process. Eight circular wire brushes are positioned around the rod circumference to aggressively clean the rod surface of secondary scale and red rust � both detrimental to producing high quality wire products.

More specialised Wilco descaling systems (model 1060 descaling system with lubricant precoating and model LRD scale breaker for large diameter rods) satisfy the needs of more specialised producers.

The model 1060 as part of the mechanical descaling process applies lubricant precoating compound in the final stage of the mechanical descaling process.

Manufacturers of high carbon wire and those working with very high finishing speeds benefit from the increased lubrication established by the precoating compound. The Wilco large rod scale breaker (model LRD) is designed for processing larger rods up to 19mm in diameter. Sheave offset is controlled by hydraulics, thereby allowing simple straight-through string up of the scale breaker.

Many manufacturers rely on Wilco lubricant applicators and double die pressure die holders to maximize and maintain lubrication levels throughout the drawing operation. Wilco lubricant applicators are designed to simply �snap on� the rod or wire in the lubricant section of the die box and then are covered with the dry lubricant. As the wiredrawing machine pulls the rod or wire, the rolls of the lubricant applicator compact the dry lubricant onto the rod or wire.

Wilco pressure die holders are designed to force lubricant, under high pressure, onto the surface of the wire as it is being drawn. Installation of a Wilco pressure die holder in the first die box is essential for establishing a significant lubricant film while pressure die holders in the remaining die boxes will maintain such proper lubrication.

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