Onwards and upwards – innovations from Upcast®

PUBLISHED: 12 Feb 09

Double-furnace continuous copper casting line
Double-furnace continuous copper casting line

The Upward Continuous Casting method, better known as the Upcast� system, was innovated and developed by Outokumpu in the late 1960s for the production of copper and copper alloy wire rod. In 2006 Upcast celebrated the 35th anniversary of the startup of the first production unit installed in Outokumpu�s Pori Foundry in Finland. Thanks to its modular construction each Upcast line is easy to upgrade and expand. This first production line has benefitted from several upgrades to keep it up-to-date and in continuous operation.

To date, 170 Upcast casting lines have been delivered worldwide, the majority for oxygen-free copper but around 40 for copper alloys.

To meet future challenges the Upcast legacy is carried forward under the banner of a recently formed (2006) company, Upcast Oy. Continuous development has been a characteristic feature of the Upcast technology throughout its history and now, under new ownership, the role of innovation will become even more marked.

Several new and interesting developments have already been introduced into the Upcast system. These include: doubleloop inductors; stepless power control for inductors; singlefurnace line for 12,000tpa (an extension of the 10,000tpa, single-furnace line to 12,000tpa capacity); a double-furnace line for 40,000tpa; carrier-type cathode charging for doublefurnace lines (an adaptation of the standard carrier-type cathode charging system); a �Universal� double coiler for rod diameters of 8mm�25mm and an automatic alloy feeder, designed to be used in double-furnace lines for the production of alloyed coppers such as silver bearing and phosphor deoxidised coppers.

Operation of the alloy feeder is synchronised with the automatic melt transfer function and includes a feedback link, for accurate chemical analysis with minimal fluctuation.

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