50 Years Innovation from Rosendahl

PUBLISHED: 31 Mar 09

(top)1965: The first Extruder was developed (bottom) 2009: The ROEX 150
(top)1965: The first Extruder was developed (bottom) 2009: The ROEX 150

Ongoing development and technological progress are fundamental values Rosendahl can look back on its 50 years� history. Within those 50 years, Rosendahl has grown to a global supplier of manufacturing technology for the production of Power-, Automotive- and Fiber Optic Cables, RF-, Datacom and Coaxial Cables. With excellent products, competent consulting, competitive know-how, experience and great service Rosendahl is the leading partner in the industry.

Innovation for Growth
It was 1959 when Walter Rosendahl had the ambition to become a high-tech cable equipment manufacturer, for a variety of industries. Mr. Rosendahl worked hard on his first developments in various segments and he managed to achieve the goals he had in mind already in 1965. A historical milestone was the development of the first extrusion line. The Extrusion technology, which has been continuously developed over the years forms one of the expertises and strenghts of Rosendahl. A second large step in the year 1971 was the introduction of the SZ-Stranding technology, which since then has been implemented in a large number of lines. The technological development in Foaming and in the Fiber Optic Segment also called Rosendahl to enlarge its product range to serve the evolving market. Later, also RF Welding and Corrugation Technology solutions were developed and completed Rosendahl�s current fields of expertises.

Modernization, Expansion and Internationalization
The opening of the facilities in Pischelsdorf, Austria, in 1973 was aimed to enlarge the manufacturing capacity of Rosendahl. The increasing demand also led to continuous expansions of office and production facilities on site and throughout the world.

In 1997, Rosendahl became a member of the globally active Knill Group. Since 2005 Nextrom is also part of the group and together with Rosendahl conjointly serves the market with its technology. Today, the group managed to become a leading global supplier of Fiber, Wire & Cable Manufacturing Solutions.

Rosendahl steadily invests in the enlargementof its facilities and in its technological development. The new ROEX Extruder Generation and the RX Crosshead Series are important results for Rosendahl�s strive to serve the customer with continuous technological advancements.

Currently, the group operates in more than 100 countries, with offices on five locations - Austria, USA, Russia, India and Hong Kong. Also in the next years Rosendahl plans to further increase its technological know-how to serve its customers with state-of-the-art solutions and prompt service.

Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH, Austria
Tel: + 43 3113 5100-0
Email: office.austria@rosendahlnextrom.com
Web: www.rosendahlnextrom.com

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