New moves to lower borax

PUBLISHED: 06 Jul 09

Condat’s Vicafil TN1630 for high carbon wire drawing
Condat’s Vicafil TN1630 for high carbon wire drawing

Among the latest European regulations governing REACH and the use of biocides are moves to reduce the use of borax. For some wire drawing processes, borax has been an important additive, specifically for the formulation of soluble sodium soaps.

In order to meet with the new regulation Condat has developed a range of dry drawing lubricants without borax or with reduced borax content.

Vicafil TN 1630 is a soluble sodium soap with very low borax content (below the limit planned by the European Commission) but said to provide improved performance even in severe high carbon steel wire drawing operations.

The advantages of working with Vicafil TN1630 include:

  • Higher softening temperature allows work at higher speeds
  • Higher adhesion to the wire surface results in improved lubrication, die life and wire surface quality
  • Reduced consumption, due to the reduction of compacted black soap in the die box
  • Reduced dust for healthier work environment

Vicafil TN1630 is available as a medium powder, or as medium or large beads.

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