Electrostatic powder coating

PUBLISHED: 21 Oct 09

Rolf Schlicht's electrostatic powder coater, model RSC, is designed for an even, finely dosable and dust-free powdering of cables and wires of up to 200mm diameter, with powders such as talc, stearate, lac and swellable powder.

Due to the electrostatic charging of the powder an even and strongly adhered layer is achieved on the product surface. The electrostatic charge also ensures that no powder falls outside of the dusting chamber.

Depending on extrusion speed and product diameter, up to four 100kV guns can be used.

The machine features a fluidised powder hopper from which the powder is sucked by pneumatic venturi pumps and then blown to the guns.

For optimal adjustment of the powder quantity the power of the electrostatic charge can be varied from 0–100kV or the powder nozzles can be changed. A fine dosing device is also available.

The machine is fitted with a fully automatic and maintenance-free filter system that maintains a strong and constant vacuum in the machine. Inlet and outlet openings of the dusting chamber do not need sealing with brushes.

A free standing dusting chamber is available for use in installations where space is limited; this is connected to the machine by hoses.

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