The continuing development of dry lubrication

PUBLISHED: 16 Jan 10

The Condat group allocates significant resources to its research and development laboratories, for:

  • Strategic and prospective research to find new lubricating solutions and develop lubricant technology
  • Applied research to characterise and develop new products
  • Analysis and SAV to review and maintain current lubricants in use
During the last two years, over €500,000 has been invested in a Laboratory of Analysis, to gather information from the group’s production units in Brazil, China and USA. Its role is to analyse the finished goods manufactured in Condat factories, and to control the raw materials used in their composition. It also follows the evolution of products currently in use.

The Condat Laboratory of Analysis controls and measures the powders and pellets of the Vicafil and Steelskin ranges:

  • Size and shape of powder granules (calcium and sodium) is analysed in 3D by granulometers with double cameras, from 64 different angles
  • Hardness of the particles: if the grain is too crumbly it breaks down too quickly, creating dust and excessive consumption. If it is too hard, it will not circulate in the die, increasing die wear and wire breakage
  • Quality and quantity of fat content, is measured using infrared spectrometers and chromatography of phase gases. Quality of the fat content influences product resistance to high temperature and regulates the lubricant film. Fat quantity influences the cleanness of the wire after drawing: the higher the fat content, the cleaner the wire
  • Thermal decomposition: the temperature at which changes of product behaviour (solid, crystalline, liquid phases) are observed, to establish melting points, fusion points, and decomposition of the different elements to optimise soap consumption or residue left on the drawn wire.

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