Technological excellence & eco-friendly lubricants

PUBLISHED: 02 Feb 10

Condat's Eco-friendly lubricants
Condat's Eco-friendly lubricants

Condat will introduce at wire Düsseldorf its wide range of lubricants including non-reactive coatings, dry powder lubricants, oils, pastes, greases, protective products and other coating products designed for all wire and tube drawing applications. The show will provide the opportunity for Condat to display its advanced solutions in terms of high tech and eco-friendly lubricants.

The spirit of excellence that has driven the company since 1854 allows CONDAT to offer its customers lubricants at the evolutionary limit of technology and regulations.

High Tech Lubricants

With large resources invested in:

  • R&D laboratories developing advanced and efficient solutions;
  • State of the art production units (facilities) ensuring consistent high product standards worldwide;
  • Meticulous quality control of finished lubricants;
  • Reactive logistic and supply chain solutions;

With its history of technical expertise and customised approach, Condat supplies the market with products adapted to the most advanced and demanding wire drawing processes.

VICAFIL & STEELSKIN ranges are designed for the latest machinery and processes, but also ensure efficient productivity results on the latest generation of material (steelcord,…). Moreover, they are the most comprehensive ranges available on the market and match all customer application requirements.

The high quality of Condat lubricants allows substantial savings in terms of consumption and guarantees a constant lubricant supply to the die cone, resulting in a consistent drawing performance and clean finish.

Eco Friendly Lubricants

For many years, Condat has offered its customers products complying with the latest European environmental regulations, and has advanced product evolution in partnership with its customers with a simple focused objective: keeping the customers process efficient and offering eco-friendly solutions.

Regarding REACH legislation, Condat, thanks to its dedicated Products Regulatory Affairs Department (4 persons), is pro-active in this field and participates with several European consortiums. This allows CONDAT to anticipate the latest R&D developments.

VICAFIL & STEELSKIN ranges comply with the latest Health & Safety regulations for chemicals (REACH, Biocides,…)

Condat‘s other R&D philosophy is to search systematically for substitutes to potentially dangerous raw materials. Our lubricant ranges have always been free of SVHC (substance of very high concern) and they are compliant with most standards (RoHs, etc). Concerning the new regulation on BORAX, to meet with the forthcoming legislation and to anticipate any further evolution, Condat, has redesigned its most famous lubricants and offers a larger choice of products for direct substitution: low or zero borax surface coatings and drawing powders.

The company’s Oil based lubricants range now offers vegetable oil based alternatives, whilst the soluble lubricants range employs renewable raw materials.

Condat constantly develops and improves its formulations in order to reduce the environmental effect of its products. With over 150 years experience in the lubricants industry, CONDAT will continue to advance and develop the technologies of tomorrow.

Pellet: Zero Dust Powder Technology

Pellets technology utilises a specific production process offering a complete range of non dust drawing powders (from lean to rich soap formulations, calcium or sodium based).

The exposure of operators to soap dust is a real concern for Condat and our commitment has always been to provide more than basic chemistry to our customers through performance & ergonomics lubricants.

This technological advance demonstrates how Condat furthers its production performance and product range, by anticipating customer requirements.

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