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PUBLISHED: 15 Mar 10

Longitudinal metal tape seam welding and corrugating line
Longitudinal metal tape seam welding and corrugating line

Weber & Scher Manufacturing Co Inc, established in 1915 by Mr George Scher, has specialised for over 60 years in providing equipment and technology specifically for the wire and cable industry. The company’s area of expertise and core business has been in the manufacture and supply of metal tape handling and application systems. This includes the manufacture of seam welding and corrugating systems for use in the production of power cables.

Weber & Scher recently introduced the Gatweld longitudinal metal tape seam welding and corrugating line for producing power cables with a longitudinally seam welded and corrugated metal tape sheath construction.

This system utilises the TIG (GTAW) welding process for welding the two tape edges after being formed longitudinally around the cable core. A series of tools progressively forms the metal tape into a tube which is followed by a precision weld box section that accomplishes final rounding of the tube and positions the tape edge seam for passage under the weld torch.

A critical component within the Weber & Scher Gatweld line is the model no. COR-400 welded metal sheath corrugating machine, designed for imparting corrugations into the welded metal sheath in tandem with the longitudinal welding operation.

The combination of the sturdy steel frame design and dynamically balanced corrugating head assembly ensures smooth vibration-free operation. All operating parameters can be accurately set to obtain the repeatable corrugating results that are critical for product standardisation.

The corrugating machine, in conjunction with the metal tape supply stand, tape edge slitting system, forming and welding station, tube calibrating unit and caterpillar capstan, also manufactured by Weber & Scher, combine to form a state-of-the-art system for producing high performance power cables.

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