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Braude joins forces with Eltherm

A well established name in the metal finishing industry, Braude is a specialist manufacturer of non-corrodible heating and cooling equipment for the highly corrosive liquids found typically in pickling, plating, anodising and other chemical processing operations. All products are manufactured from high integrity chemically inert fluoropolymers (Teflonâ„¢, for example), and have been designed to ensure long life in aggressive solutions.

Braude products include:

  • Polaris non-corrodible electric immersion tank heaters, available in ratings from 0.5kW to 24kW, unaffected by stray currents, and in a variety of configurations
  • Braude controllers, including the Thermaster temperature controller, Levelmaster liquid level controller and the Tankmaster dual temperature and level controller
  • Self-priming chemical service pumps, suitable for use with highly corrosive solutions such as hydrochloric, hydrofluoric and sulphuric acids - with flow rates up to 35m3/hr
  • Frogspawn thermal insulation spheres, which form a floating blanket on the surface of solutions to reduce thermal loss by up to 70%
  • Nautilus tank heaters and Jet Stream external heating and cooling systems for the use with steam, hot water, thermal fluid or chilled water for larger scale pickling and processing operations

Braude is pleased to announce its cooperation with Eltherm Elektrowärmetechnik GmbH, a specialist in electrical surface heating systems. “Eltherm manufactures a quality product which complements our existing range and to which we are pleased to use our expertise to bring the equipment to the UK market”, said David Snoxhill, MD of Braude.

Eltherm products include self-regulating heating cable, high temperature heating cable, control systems, thermal jackets and flexible heated hoses applied to applications throughout industry for pipes, tanks, drums, antennas, containers, flexible hoses and associated measuring equipment.

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