Cable and fibre marking

PUBLISHED: 15 Mar 10

Cable marking from Medek & Schörner
Cable marking from Medek & Schörner

Medek & Schörner covers virtually the entire spectrum of machines for marking cables and coding optical fibres.

The cable marking machine range features:

  • High quality gravure printers at speeds up to 1,200m/min, including an ‘intelligent’ ink pump system
  • Water misting unit for the application of fine water dust for pre-cooling of the hot wire immediately after the extruder
  • Embossing metre markers or hot foil sequential metre markers for accuracy of length measurement of cables
  • High performance ring markers for marking telephone wires, switchboard wires, automotive and LAN cables
  • Video system for monitoring the print quality of fast-running cable printing machines, allowing real-time inspection for poor quality or missing prints
  • A laser marking system for cables

The capacity of any system can be significantly increased, quickly and easily, simply by exchanging individual components. New components from Medek & Schörner are always compatible – even if a system has already been in operation for many years.

Cable marking machines from Medek & Schörner can be easily maintained by the operating staff. High-speed optical fibre processing systems offer optical fibre colour coding up to 3,000m/min and ring marking of optical fibres.

Medek & Schoerner GmbH, Austria
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