Cleaning and lubrication of wire

PUBLISHED: 15 Mar 10

Wire cleaning and re-coating by GPS/PDH system
Wire cleaning and re-coating by GPS/PDH system

The GPS/PDH system is a technical novelty that revolutionises the wire drawing process by in-line wire cleaning and wire dry coating, benefiting from the fully controlled four-way interaction between the pressure, temperature, lubricant viscosity and lubricant circulation speed. This interaction allows the use of standard solid or semi-solid products with simple formulations, resulting in significant cost savings in a range of 30% to 60%, and increased environmental benefits.

Wire lubrication and re-coating: A full film lubricant coat, enabling frictionless drawing, is easily achieved in a dry application, increasing lubricant coat weight by about 57% in one intermediate draft with H/C wire drawn with a sodium lubricant. This method completely eliminates conventional wet pre-coating chemicals, performing a wear resistant hard coat for high-tensile wire, spring wire or cold heading wire through a light (nano-film) water soluble coat for plating wire.

Wire cleaning: The unit is installed in the last draft of a drawing machine operating with a semi-solid lubricant in a continuous IN and OUT motion. Using closed circuit pressure lubrication, self-generated by the unit, the system eliminates the wire tunnelling effect, enabling high-speed wire cleaning and polishing to provide a bright glossy wire finish in a single run.

The GPS/PDH unit is easy to install into the existing soapbox and can be operational within ten minutes. Unit dimensions: 90mm x 90mm x 200mm long (3.55" x 3.55" x 7.9" long).

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