Putting borax out of REACH

PUBLISHED: 16 May 10

Pellet technology reduces dust in the workplace
Pellet technology reduces dust in the workplace

Condat has developed new solutions in high tech and eco-friendly lubricants.

The new Vicafil and Steelskin products are constantly reviewed and reformulated to ensure compliance with the latest health and safety regulations for chemicals (such as REACH or Biocides) as and when changes occur. Regarding REACH legislation, Condat has a dedicated Products Regulatory Affairs Department that participates with several European consortiums and allows Condat to anticipate the latest R&D developments.

Condat is always looking for safer substitutes for potentially dangerous raw materials. As a result Vicafil SUMAC 3 is the new generation of sodium soap, developed and optimised from a technical, environmental and economical point of view. To keep pace with new regulations on borax, Condat has redesigned its most famous lubricants and offers a new, larger choice of products for direct substitution: low (Vicafil TS 7853) or zero (Vicafil TS 7101) borax surface coatings and drawing powders. An oil-based lubricants range now offers vegetable oil-based alternatives, whilst the soluble lubricants range now employs renewable raw materials.

The exposure of operators to soap dust is a real concern for Condat.

The company has developed pellet technology, a specific production process to provide non-dust drawing powders from lean to rich soap formulations, calcium or sodium based.

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