Payoff and take-up

PUBLISHED: 01 Jun 10

Rosendahl offers two models of winders for sheathing lines – floor-traversing and portal-traversing – named RWT and RWH. These systems can handle reels with a flange diameter between 800mm and 4,000mm. Add-on equipment for the detection of deviation, clamping, traversing, transport and cutting is available.

Rosendahl’s advanced portal-traversing winder for heavy reels, the RWH, is designed for reels up to 20 tons with a maximum flange diameter of 4m.

The traversing unit, with the reel, moves inside a stable steel frame. This floor-mounted frame does not require any special foundations.

The recently improved floor-traversing model RWT is designed for reel weights up to 12 tons. Special amendments have been made to reduce and optimise installation, maintenance and service work on the machinery. The modular drive is by individual AC motors with fixed, 2-step or 3-step gearboxes on any line configuration.

Rosendahl’s portfolio of winders covers applications on standardised reel models as well as special reel designs for payoff and take-up of fibre optic cable or automated high-speed double-reelers.

Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH, Austria
Tel: + 43 3113 5100-0

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