Condat at wire China 2010

PUBLISHED: 24 Jun 10

CONDAT dry powder lubricants range
CONDAT dry powder lubricants range

At wire China 2010, the CONDAT Asian sales team will invite you to its booth to discover its extensive range of lubricants designed for Wire Drawing and Cold Rolling.

  • VICAFIL® : a complete range of wire drawing powders, wet lubricants, pastes, neat oils and greases
  • STEELSKIN® : special High Tech wire drawing powders

New dry drawing powder VICAFIL SUMAC 3
This dry drawing powder is becoming the star of our new generation of high performance sodium soaps and a reference in the most advanced tire cord wire drawing workshops. Developed in order to comply with the recent European regulation on chemical substances (Borax), this drawing powder is replacing our famous VICAFIL SUMAC 2 in October 2010. Compared to the previous version, SUMAC 3 improves wire drawing of high carbon steel and stainless steel at very high speeds. Its lubricating film is even more resistant and provides a reduction in wire breaks and die wear. SUMAC 3 is available in powder or beaded versions to reduce soap consumption and dust.

Products for Stainless steel wire
Our new generation of non reactive surface coatings and lubricants offers a wide range of processing combinations: very low moisture pick-up salts (VICAFIL TS 4445), LOW to ZERO Borax wire drawing powders (VICAFIL CASSIA), replacement of chlorinated paraffin on certain applications (VICAFIL SL 4095 A), etc.

Non reactive surface coatings
A new generation of LOW & ZERO BORAX surface coatings (VICAFIL TS 7853, VICAFIL TS 7101), provide high performance and advanced environmental friendly alternatives to the existing chemicals.

Products for chain link fence manufacturing
VICAFIL WC 6C, our best-selling soluble lubricant for weaving, which is formulated with natural and renewable raw materials, can be used on all kinds of wire surfaces (zinc, nylon coated,…)

CONDAT is constantly developing and improving its formulations in order to reduce the environmental impact of its range of wire drawing products. With over 150 years experience in the lubricant industry, CONDAT is moving forward with the industry and is developing the technologies for tomorrow.

Condat SA, France
Tel: + 33 478 073711

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