Tension Control - Wireless and with Digital Speed

PUBLISHED: 09 Jul 10

The new RTM X2 System
The new RTM X2 System

FMS expands their product line of Wireless Tension Control Solutions with the new RTM X2 System. This innovative system has been developed to provide for the efficient and accurate measurement, processing, transmission, and evaluation of material tension on rotating Wire Processing Machinery. The expandable features of the RTM X2 System makes it ideal for applications in Bunchers and Twisters.

Since the introduction of the original PC-Based RTM System years ago, FMS has successfully provided many Wireless Tension Control Solutions for a wide range of Wire and Cable Applications, and continues as a technology leader with the release of the RTM X2 System.

The RTM X2 System can be utilized in either a stand alone configuration or integrated with an existing PLC, and thus is suitable for use by OEMs on New Machinery or by Integrators / End Users when upgrading Existing Machinery.

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Tension control - wireless and with digital speed
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Tension Control - Wireless and with Digital Speed
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